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Our range of Muay Thai Shorts from your favorite brands with a selection of styles from old-school classics to trending new designs.


Our Muay Thai Shorts

Muay Thai Shorts are a staple in our sport and not just for fighting, it's part of our culture and identity.

If you line up fighters in different disciplines standing next to each other and look at their clothing, you'll see a big difference. You'll have Jiu Jitsu guys in their Gi, Boxers in their long shorts and boots, Wrestlers in their singlets and the list goes on. Then you have the Nak Muay, in our short shorts with unique designs and bright colours, it's what sets us apart and adds to our identity!

Benefits of Wearing Thai Boxing Shorts

The reason why Thai Boxing Shorts have been made the way they are stems back to its roots in Thailand.

Full-time fighters train approximately 6 hours per day in hot and humid conditions which means they need to be equipped with the proper training wear to support them. Training at that level of intensity is the reason why Thai Boxing Shorts have been made from durable materials and being lightweight/breathable. The length of the Shorts have been reduced to prevent any restriction to the range of motion and extension to the fighter's legs.


With a majority of Muay Thai brands producing their Shorts in Thailand, please be aware that the sizing of Shorts may be different to where you are from. Clothing manufactured in Thailand usually runs smaller compared to other countries.

To accommodate sizing issues, there have been a few brands like Fairtex that don't produce their apparel in the usual Thai sizing. Whilst this makes it helpful for first-time buyers, it also makes it more confusing as many popular brands will actually have different sizing. For example, if you order Medium Shorts from Fairtex, you are most likely a size Large from Twins Special.

If you require any assistance with sizing, please don't hesitate and contact us.


We stock Muay Thai Shorts in a range of materials and designs. From classic Satin, and Nylon to Polyester-blend and Cotton.

Classic Satin is the most popular material throughout Muay Thai practitioners due to it's sleek finish and smooth feel. Nylon is another popular material, its the most lightweight/breathable among the other fabrics. The disadvantages with Nylon shorts is that they are less tear-resistant and moisture-wicking, meaning they soak up moisture much easier.

There are a lot of brands now turning to quick-drying Polyester Shorts due to its sweat-wicking quality, breathability and lightweight feel.

Traditional Muay Thai Shorts vs Boxing & Kickboxing Shorts

While there may be some similarities between traditional Muay Thai shorts, boxing shorts, and kickboxing shorts, there are several key differences that set them apart. Here are the main distinctions:

1. Design and Length:

  • Traditional Muay Thai Shorts: They are typically shorter in length, ending just above the knee or mid-thigh and often feature a V-shape cut on the sides.
  • Boxing Shorts: Boxing shorts are usually longer, extending below the knee. They have a looser fit and a straight-cut design. The waistband can vary between elastic, drawstring, or a combination of both.
  • Kickboxing Shorts: Kickboxing shorts can have varying lengths, falling anywhere between mid-thigh and below the knee. The waistband may feature elastic, drawstring, or a combination of both.

2. Mobility and Range of Motion:

  • Traditional Muay Thai Shorts: The V-shape cut on the sides of Muay Thai shorts allows for excellent mobility and flexibility during kicks, knee strikes, and other techniques specific to Muay Thai.
  • Boxing Shorts: Boxing shorts generally offer freedom of movement for boxing-specific footwork, upper body movements, and defensive maneuvers.
  • Kickboxing Shorts: Kickboxing shorts are designed to accommodate a wide range of strikes, kicks, and knee strikes (depending on rules) while providing mobility for both boxing and kicking techniques.

3. Style and Aesthetics:

  • Traditional Muay Thai Shorts: They often feature intricate embroidery, decorative patterns, or symbols representing different gyms, fighters, or traditional Thai culture.
  • Boxing Shorts: Boxing shorts may feature simple designs, solid colors, or branding of the boxer or their sponsors.
  • Kickboxing Shorts: Kickboxing shorts can vary in style, ranging from simple designs to bold patterns, depending on personal preference and the individual's affiliation or sponsor branding.

4. Cultural Significance:

  • Traditional Muay Thai Shorts: Muay Thai shorts hold cultural significance in Thailand and are deeply rooted in the traditions and history of the sport. They often reflect the heritage and identity of the fighters, gyms, or regions in Thailand.
  • Boxing Shorts and Kickboxing Shorts: While boxing and kickboxing shorts do not have the same cultural significance as Muay Thai shorts, they are still important for the fighters' identity, representing their personal brand or team affiliation.