Collection: Fairtex MMA Gloves

Fairtex MMA Gloves are constructed with premium quality leather, bringing you maximum comfort and protection. These MMA Gloves are trusted and officially used in ONE Championship, Cage Warriors and more.


Our Fairtex MMA Gloves

Fairtex MMA Gloves are constructed with premium quality leather using their signature three-layer foam core system for excellent hand/knuckle protection and shock disbursement.

These MMA Gloves are officially used in ONE Championship, Cage Warriors and previously seen on major MMA events such as Strikeforce, WEC, EliteXC, IFL, HDnet, Bodog, Affliction, M1, Pancrase, Fusion Fighting Championship and more.

If you are searching for long lasting MMA Gloves that will protect you/your training partners, Fairtex MMA Gloves would be a brilliant choice.

Fairtex MMA Gloves for Sparring

We have Fairtex MMA Sparring Gloves that provide premium protection for you and your sparring partner:

  • FGV18 Super Sparring Gloves - This model is a hybrid design that features extra padding on the wrist, thumb and knuckles for maximum safety. The FGV18 collection has been made in conjunction with UFC heavyweight, Alistair Overeem.

  • FGV15 - The FGV15 Sparring Gloves feature a double wrist wrap closure system for extra protection for the wrist. They are built with premium quality leather and contain extra thick padding for extended knuckle protection.

Both are very high-quality MMA Sparring Gloves from Fairtex. However, for the more intense sparring rounds, the FGV18 model is a great choice as it gives extra protection for you and your opponent.

MMA Gloves Sizing

The sizing for our Fairtex MMA Gloves starts from Small and range to Extra-Large.

  • Small/Medium: 50-60kg.
  • Large: 60-75kg.
  • Extra-Large: 86-92kg.

All gloves equal around 4-5oz.

About Fairtex

Fairtex, founded in 1958 is a brand with over 60 years of history and renowned in the world of Muay Thai and MMA. They are widely recognized for their high-quality and authentic Thai products, and have become a household name. Fairtex products are made in Thailand and are distributed to more than 50 countries around the globe. The brand has established partnerships with notable organizations such as K-1, WBC Muay Thai, WEC, Elite XC, Strikeforce, and The Contender.

The Fairtex brand is particularly well-known for their top-of-the-line boxing gloves and MMA gloves, which are crafted from the finest materials using a unique design formula. To ensure quality and durability, these gloves are put through rigorous stress tests by sponsored fighters at the renowned Fairtex Gyms in Thailand and Japan. They also offer world-class shin guards, suitable for all skill levels and sizes, as well as a variety of stylish Muay Thai shorts and leisurewear.

For coaches and trainers, Fairtex offers a comprehensive collection of coaching equipment, ranging from training shields and focus mitts to kick pads and body shields. All of their coaching equipment is designed with the specific needs of kickboxers and MMA fighters in mind.