Our Story


During University, Chris worked in one of the leading retail stores for combat sports for over 3 years. This is where he gained his knowledge on all Muay Thai brands, products and experienced serving people of all Martial Art backgrounds, from beginners to pro-fighters. His interest in Muay Thai sparked when he and his old boss used to train/spar in the car park. At the time he only did Boxing but after a few rounds of being low kicked, and being clinched up he was shocked at how everything he learned went out the window, and this is when his search for Muay Thai gyms to train at began.


He then started NMT (Nak Muay Training) just before his final year at University in 2020.

NMT originally started as an Instagram page in lockdown during COVID-19 when all gyms were closed. Chris and a few of his friends had to train in his back garden and used training videos online to support their sessions. This is what sparked the creation of Nak Muay Training - he wanted a hub for Muay Thai practitioners that will support their training using content from the best coaches and fighters worldwide.

As time went on and demand grew for equipment, Chris and the team partnered up with an established company in Bangkok which lead to the creation of the Nak Muay Training store.

Our 'Why'

The overall vision for NMT stems from our passion for the art of eight limbs and what we have learned in the gym, gaining knowledge above and beyond just fighting. The gym becomes your second home, once you enter everything gets left at the door, ego, status, job title and race. In the gym we are all one. Promoting the Nak Muay lifestyle for us is crucial, you learn the value of hard work, understand the importance of respect, patience and humility.

Our Vision

Apart from supplying the best gear and soon creating our own fightwear, our plans go beyond selling products.

1. We want to share the stories behind a gym, whilst many gyms are well-known for the reputation of their fighters, there's always a rich history that is untold and we want to shine a light on that.

2. To showcase what it's like training at an authentic Muay Thai gym. Every gym will have something that makes them unique, whether it's their fighting style, the vibe of the people, or the energy of the trainers, we want to showcase what it's like being in the environment of a genuine Muay Thai gym.

3. Increasing exposure for upcoming talent. Every gym has that rising star that doesn't like to post on social media, and we want to showcase those hidden gems.

Watch our new Youtube series 'Second Home' below.

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